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Detroit Red Wings Playoff Game Day Blog


Tuesday, 04.17.2012 / 9:00 AM ET
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Detroit Red Wings Playoff Game Day Blog

Ian White (Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images)
Ian White

DRW: We saw you lining up with Nick Lidstrom a little bit during Game 3, is this designed to create more scoring opportunities?
IW: “Yeah, I think so. We skated together during (Monday’s) practice as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to create more offense like we did earlier in the year.”

DRW: What have you learned, now as a veteran, about playing in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
IW: “I think I feel a lot more comfortable this year, as opposed to my first time around last year. I have a little bit more patience and I’m making smarter decisions because I have that extra experience under my belt.”

DRW: Give us an example of how the style of play is different in the playoffs than it is during the regular season?
IW: “Sometimes during the regular season, you may skate past a situation, as opposed to finishing your check. In the playoffs, it is all about doing the little things over and over again and not taking any shortcuts. You have to do it right the first time, or else that other team might capitalize.”

DRW: Does it help that you have a game every other day in the playoffs, as opposed to back-to-back games, or a few days off between games during the regular season?
IW: “I think you stay sharp by playing so often. Sometimes if you have four or five days off during the season, your skills and instinct may get a bit rusty. It’s nice, especially after losing a game, to come back to the rink and go back to work the next day.”

DRW: What was your first playoff game at the Joe as a member of the Winged Wheel like?
IW: It was awesome. The fans were great right from the start. The atmosphere was very loud in here and Detroit, hands down, has the best hockey fans in the business. You can definitely hear the fans, they become an extra man out there.

DRW: What is the level of confidence in the locker room right now, down 2-1 in the series?
IW: “Guys here have been through this so many times. We know it is a must win game for us. When your backs are against the wall, this group knows they can come through.”

Drew Miller

DRW: Do you feel like players need a few games to get into a playoff series? Not from getting ready to play, but in building up an animosity, or understanding how it may be called?
DM: “We were all prepared for this series beforehand, I think, with the calls, those are just adjustments you have to make as players. You don’t want to play your way into a series. You want to be ready to go from the first game and make adjustments as it goes on.”

DRW: How important is the first goal tonight?
DM: “I think the first goal is always a big deal. You want to get that momentum and hold it for as long as you can throughout the game. The first goal is a big momentum swing, so we have to try and get that. If we don’t, we’ve got to push hard to get it back.”

DRW: Do you have any Stanley Cup memories growing up in such a big hockey family?
DM: “I think it was just watching playoff hockey with my dad. I remember him telling me that the game really changes from the regular season to the playoffs. He would tell me that these guys really amp up their games to try and win the Stanley Cup.”

DRW: Do you pay much attention to what is going on in the other series across the league?
DM: “I watch the highlights in the morning and that’s about it. I watch and see who scored and what the series is at, but I don’t really watch that much, unless my brother Ryan is involved.”




1 WSH 50 37 9 4 163 112 78
2 FLA 52 31 15 6 143 115 68
3 NYR 52 29 18 5 148 134 63
4 TBL 51 29 18 4 137 118 62
5 BOS 52 28 18 6 151 137 62
6 DET 52 26 18 8 130 131 60
7 PIT 51 26 18 7 132 130 59
8 NJD 53 26 20 7 119 120 59
9 NYI 50 26 18 6 135 126 58
10 CAR 53 24 21 8 129 141 56
11 PHI 50 23 18 9 119 130 55
12 MTL 53 25 24 4 142 142 54
13 OTT 53 24 23 6 148 165 54
14 BUF 53 21 26 6 120 139 48
15 TOR 51 19 23 9 117 140 47
16 CBJ 54 21 28 5 135 168 47


D. Larkin 51 18 19 25 37
H. Zetterberg 52 9 25 2 34
T. Tatar 51 15 17 -2 32
G. Nyquist 52 14 15 -2 29
J. Abdelkader 52 14 12 -4 26
P. Datsyuk 37 6 20 11 26
M. Green 46 4 17 -7 21
N. Kronwall 45 3 14 -10 17
B. Richards 38 5 10 6 15
D. DeKeyser 48 6 8 12 14
P. Mrazek 19 10 4 .932 2.03
J. Howard 7 8 4 .904 2.89