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Are you planning a vacation this summer, perhaps a ski trip during the winter or even an adventure over seas in the near future?  If so, bring along your Red Wings' apparel and take pictures supporting the team wherever the road takes you.

Perhaps you’ve already been away from home and have photos of you, your friends or your family members expressing your Hockeytown pride. Send these pictures in to us and we may post them in our photo gallery. Bonus points for photos of you wearing your Red Wings' gear in front of famous landmarks. Let’s let the whole world know that the Red Wings' fans proudly represent Hockeytown!  

Send your pictures to along with your name and hometown. Also include the location (and landmark) of where the pictures were taken and we’ll post it for you.

Disclaimer: By sending in the picture, you are giving permission to the Detroit Red Wings to post the picture on the Internet or in other media (in-arena or broadcast videos, etc.) and have the right on behalf of yourself and/or anyone in the pictures to do so.

John Lozon of Ann Arbor, MI (shown above with Darren McCarty at a viewing party)  has
literally bled to be a fan! Sporting his new tat of the winged wheel, John is proud to show
his support of the Detroit Red Wings!

Gary Hilber from Charlotte, North Carolina has officially "Pimped" his Mercedes SLS in the
best possible way.  We kindly request that you drive up to Detroit and give us all a ride!

"Proudly representing the greatest hockey team in the NHL while serving the greatest
nation in the world."  - James E. Cron EO2 (SCW) US Navy Seabee, on deployment in
Afghanistan (2010).

Kaled Khaznehkatbi from Royal Oak was on vacation in Damascus, Syria.  While walking
around the "suh" (market) he saw this gentleman wearing a Red Wings shirt.  He didn't
speak any English, but Wings fans don't need words to express their fandom.

Patrick Dougherty loves two things in life: the Red Wings and high altitudes!
Top:  Mt. Democrat in Colorado (14,152 feet)
Left:  Machu Piccu, Peru        Right:  Dead Woman's Pass on the Inca Trail in Peru

With the above pictures from Peru our "Red Wings Around the World" photo gallery has
officially hit all 7 continents!!!  Congratulations Hockeytown for having such a large and
widespread fanbase.....keep sending in those pictures!

Hannah Graff, a Senior at Michigan State University, recently returned from a study abroad
trip to Asia in which she walked along the Great Wall of China.  Props for cheering on the
Wings halfway around the world, but next time put the shirt on!  Just kidding, we still love you.

Chris Phillips from Dearborn is about to cross the moat into the Spangenberg Castle
in Spangenberg Germany. 

Megan Hilber spent 23 days over in Europe taking Hockeytown with her wherever she went.
These are just a few of Megan's many adventures: hiking around the top of Mt. Vesuvius
near Naples, throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome as she wished the Red Wings
a winning season and showing off her strength by helping to hold up the Leaning Tower of
Pisa.  Surely the superstitions of hockey will appreciate her wish made in one of the most
famous fountains in the world. 

Wyatt Gray sports his Wings cap while hanging out with his friends and family on the
Assateague Beach in Maryland. 

Captain Second Class, Eric Mancik from Michigan shows off his Red Wings care package
while on duty in Afghanistan. 

Sam Hoot supported her Red Wings while over in Lacock Abbey in England.  You may
recognize the hallway on the right from the Harry Potter movies.  As tempting as it was to
put on a Quidditch jersey, Sam made the right decision with her wardrobe selection.

Nichole Theile from Rochester traveled overseas for a wedding in Tuscany.  While over
she toured the country, visiting St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Forum,
Domas Aurea, Florence, Piza, Sienna and of course the Colosseum as pictured here.

A really cool photo sent to us from U.S. Army Specialist Alex Van Drie of his room in
Helmland Province, Afghanistan.  Thank you Alex for your support of the Red Wings
overseas, but especially for your service to our country.

Renee Read and her family from Belleville, MI were on vacation in the Democratic Republic
of the Congo in Africa when they came across this class of students.  Even in the most
unlikely of places, Hockeytown thrives!

Pat and Katie Carpentier from Kettering, OH spent a nice getaway at Yosemite National
Park in California.  Here they are pictured on the Mist Trail in front of Vernal Falls and rafting
on the Merced River.  Katie you might want to check Pat's birth certificate and make sure it
doesn't say Tomas Holmstrom.

This past April (2010) Matt Tyler from Clare, MI made the trek to the Zomba Plateau in
Malawi, a country in Central Africa. 

Ernesto Jacas from Valencia, Spain wore his Wings jersey while snowboarding on the
Valdelinares in Toledo, Spain.  He's even representing the USA with his goggles.  We really
need to get you to a game in Detroit Ernesto for all of your support!

Standing in front of the Beira-Rio Soccer Stadium, home of the SC International, in Porto
Alegre, Brazil, Butch Wright from Traverse City, MI is dressed quite appropriately for a soccer
match.  No matter what sport you're watching, there's only one jersey to wear!

Nicole Mueller from Westland, MI and Jessica Cohlmeyer from Dallas, TX are braving the
sea of Penguins fans at Game 3 of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  While they currently
live in Pittsburgh they keep to their Hockeytown pride.  Good work ladies!

Sue Fabeck spent her free time overlooking the cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

Similar to the many opponents of the Red Wings, Ross Gatwood from Chicago had these
furry animals eating out of the palms of his hands.  These pictures were taken on his
vacation to Brisbane, Australia at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

A place I'm sure we'd all enjoy being right now, Sam Crecelius from Evansville, IN went on
his honeymoon to the Amalfi coast in Italy.  The reason you don't see Sam's wife in this
photo is because she is a Blackhawks fan and he didn't want her to ruin the picture.
Even if the first months of your marriage is spent sleeping on the couch, at least you'll be
closer to the TV for those Wings games.

Eric Hines and his wife are pictured outside the SM Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines.

The hockey season may be done for the summer but Pierre Giroux from Quebec City is
anxiously waiting for his ice rink to freeze over again. 

While sampling the local wines in Porto, Portugal, William Eiras from Clermont Ferrand,
France made sure to support his favorite hockey team.

Joey and Erin from Livonia are enjoying their break from school on top of the sand dunes
in Silver Lake, MI. 

Dennis and Brian Hoekzema from Byron Center, MI traveled to the Easternmost point in the
US, the Quoddy Head lighthouse in Lubec, ME to shout their fandom across the Atlantic.

Corey and Darwin got the VIP treatment, as they should being Wings fans, in Vancouver
while watching Detroit practice from a private box. 

For summer vacation Amelie Holtz from France and Sheri Nozawa, Yumi Nozawa and
Shelby McMillian from Livonia, MI took a trip to Ginza Tokyo, Japan.  If only Yumi and Shelby
were as well dressed for thier time spent away.

Hockeytown extends even out in the ocean.  Kelly Richter from San Antonio, TX wore her
Holmstrom jersey in 100+ degree weather on a cruise to Mexico. 

Karen, Jeremy and Joel from Macomb, MI are 'Livin' on the Edge' at the Grand Canyon
in Arizona.

Mike and Cathy (left) are from Garden City, MI and Jill and Tyler (right) are from Salix, IA. 
They currently all live in Great Falls, MT where Mike and Tyler are stationed in the Airforce.
Two familes brought together for the love of their country and the love of their Red Wings,
now that's a great story.

Shouting, "Red Wings are #1" from the top of Mt. Adams in Washington state is Chris Piet
from Rochester Hills, MI.  In the background is Mt. Rainier which probably has other Detroit
fans doing the exact same thing.

This picture was sent to us all the way from Bratislava, Slovakia.  Marian Stefanec and her
family spent their vacation in Tunisia-Monastir. 

Kai is a very brave boy, not only will he hang out with the crocs at Shark Reef at the
Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas but he is also a Red Wings fan living in Richmond, BC. 
Way to live on the wild side Kai and take on those Canucks and Crocs all in one!

Garrett English is from Pittsburgh, PA.  Unhappy with the status quo in that city as he is a
huge Red Wings fan, Garrett is bound and determined to get every penguin to change their
colors to Red and White.  Even if it means traveling to Antarctica to complete his mission!!!

Pictured with one of the 7 Wonders of the World (The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt),
Ben Varnhagen of West Bloomfield, MI wears another wonder of the hockey world.....the
Red Wings "winged wheel."

Kirsten Winkel from South Lyon, MI (who currently lives in Albuquerque, NM) is pictured at
Spence Hot Springs in Jemez Springs, NM. 

Wes Carter is rockin' out in Nashville, TN at the Wings vs. Predators game on
March 27, 2010.  "Though I'm from Pensacola, FL, I stay in a Hockeytown state of mind.......
GO WINGS!!!!!"

Robert and Meribah Bodack are pictured outside Empress Catherine's Palace near
St. Petersburg, Russia.  Datsyuk is probably inside enjoying a cup of tea.

Mark and Pam Morrison are pictured on their wedding day at a family farm in Hartney,
Manitoba.  Mark is wearing a top of the line tuxedo, while Pam wins a prize for one of the
coolest wives to allow her husband to get away with it. 

Thorsten Kunde who is originally from Berlin, Germany and is now living in Rotterdam,
Netherlands spends all of his free time watching Red Wings games.  Hopefully he can one
day make the trip over to Detroit to see the Wings play at the Joe.

Christi Young is from Boise Idaho but was raised a Red Wings fan courtesy of her father
who is from Muskegon, MI.  She is supporting her team on the Oregon Coast near Tillamook.

Props go out to Kate Backstrom from Muskegon, MI and her fiance Ken Smart from
Sacramento, CA who now live in Phoenix for gathering many of the Detroit fans outside Arena and starting the "Let's Go Red Wings" chant.  This picture was taken
following the 4-1 victory over the Coyotes in Game 5 of the first round of the 2010 playoffs.

Rob Palmer from Livonia, MI shows off his Winged Wheel tattoo in front of the Golden Gate
Bridge in San Francisco.

SGT Christopher Gokee of the U.S. Army is pictured in front of his stryker prior to a mission
in Spin Boldak, Afghanistan this past February.  He is originally Iron Mountain, MI and
supports his team wherever he goes.

Eric Stiller from Windsor, Ontario spent his vacation in Cayo Coco, Cuba.

On his trip to Philadelphia, Mike from Brooklyn, NY was able to show the "City of Brotherly
Love" those things that he loves:  the Red Wings and the movie Rocky.

Cody and Kyle Kramer went to the Wings vs. Blues game on November 28, 2009.  After
watching their team win in an overtime shootout, they ventured over to the Gateway Arch.

HM3 Marvin F. Floer II cheered on the Wings all the way Kuwait during his deployment last

Born and raised in Troy, MI, Tony Talarico moved to Denver for grad school.  The true Wings
fan that he is, he hiked 13,657 feet up Bard Peak in Colorado for this stunning picture.

Since you can't really catch fish in an ice rink, James Russell had to take his second
passion up to Waugoshance Point in Northern Michigan to catch this 5lb 4oz smallmouth

Even our troops overseas carry their Hockeytown pride with them.  Serving our country in
the Company C, 4th Battalion, 23rd Infantry of the U.S. Army is (LtoR) John Coger from
Saratoga Springs, NY; Kirk Gingrich from Hillsdale, MI and Alex Van Drie from Lansing, MI.
This picture was taken in April 2010 from Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Enjoying her time at Disney Land in California, Mallory Gray from West Dundee, IL shows
no fear on the Tower of Terror.

Alvin Brant from Charleston, SC spent his birthday in New Jersey with his friend Alex Okon,
who is originally from Detroit.  Here they are supporting the Wings in Devils territory outside
"The Rock."

Kristina and her dad, Jimmy VanHoosier are originally from Michigan but have taken their
Red Wings fandom on the road with them to Nebraska where they currently reside.  Here
they are pictured with the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, MI. 

Nicole Frantti from Calumet, MI gave her Red Wings tattoo a sun tan on Seven Mile Beach
in Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

Branislav is originally from Slovakia but is now living in London, England.  He is wearing his
Datsyuk jersey on the Tover Bridge.

Sherry Apostol, originally from Warren, MI is now living in San Jose, CA is pictured with the
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  To quote Sherry directly, "You can take the girl out
of Hockeytown but you can't take Hockeytown out of the girl!"

ennifer Bryan from Clio, MI is pictured with her family and friends on vacation in Cabo San
Lucas, Mexico.  Apparently Jennifer is the only one with style in the group. 

Citizens of Hockeytown live and travel from East to West and from North to even the
Southernmost point in the Continental U.S.A. with Lorie Hong.

Jonathan Shankle is in the village of Bellagio, Italy overlooking Lake Como on the edge of
the Swiss Alps.  Could it get anymore picturesque?...Oh wait, he's wearing a Red Wings
shirt too!

Erin Comstock enjoys a day at Universal Studios Hollywood in California. 

During a military welfare and recreation tour in support of Operation Bright in Star, Robert
Adams from Raleigh, NC disregarded the heat of the desert to sport his Red Wings jersey
as he visited the Great Pyramids near Cairo, Egypt. 

In the "land down under," Bruce and Vinnie Liberi from Ashburn, VA are accompanied by
Sarah and Kathy Lindroth from Romulus, MI as they stand outside the Sydney Opera House.

David Nickelson from Monroe, MI is standing in front of royalty while wearing royalty at the
Buckingham Palace in London, England. 

Andre Cardia (2nd from right) from Union, NJ is pictured with his sister and two friends
before heading off to the Wings vs. Flyers game in Philadelphia, PA. 

Ryan DeRudder from East Moline, IL is carrying Hockeytown pride with him down in
Pensacola Beach, FL as he stands in front of the Beach Ball Water Tower. 

Standing in front of "Del Ponte," an aqueduct in Spoleto, Italy, Sara Weaver from PA looks
smashing in her Red Wings jersey.

Kent and Mattea Gendenberg from Taylors, SC are visiting the Great Smoky Mountains in
Pigeon Forge, TN.  Although Mattea looks a bit shy hiding behind that branch.

Alex from Moscow, Russia is with his friend Anfrie from Kiev, Ukraine attending the NHL
Premiere game, Red Wings vs. Blues, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hockeytown brings people together from all over the world.  Ahmed from Egypt and Kelly
from Vicksburg, MI spend a day on the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, Egypt.

Andy Holt is doing a spectacular job raising his daughter Elizabeth to be a Red Wings fan. 
Here they are pictured in front of the giant Stanley Cup in Edmonton, Alberta.

Citizens of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland placed a 77ft. banner on the SS Kyle cheering on
Dan Cleary and the rest of the Red Wings.

17 year old Kyler Schmor from Milwaukee, WI entered behind enemy lines during the 2009
Western Conference Final in Chicago when the Wings took on the Blackhawks.  Luckily he
made it out unscathed and went on to captain his high school hockey team.

Richard Bohnstingl and his two sisters from Austria traveled to Stockholm for the Wings first
game of the season against the Blues.  Apparently they didn't want to see, hear or speak
any evil about St. Louis while there....good sports!

Here are the "California Wingers," a group who annually travels to Detroit to catch a few
games at the Joe.  With 3 NHL teams to choose from in California they have ignored the
status quo and have chosen to be Detroit fans.  We're so proud!  Here they are on vacation in
Laguna Beach at the famous "Greeter's Corner."

Don Guppy and his daughter Lynette from Grand Rapids, MI pose with a guard in Prague,
Czech Republic. 

At the age of 3, Kendall Gage Bean from Meridian, MS has met Minnie Mouse, toured the
globe at Epcot in Disney World and is a die-hard Red Wings fan, what will he do next? 
Thanks Uncle Kenny for being an outstanding role-model for your nephew.

Heather Duford, originally from Rochester Hills, MI currently lives in Midlothian, VA. 
For Christmas last year she bought her whole family a Red Wings t-shirt.  It was such a good
present in fact that Santa Claus made it down for the picture.

Jeff Thompson grew up in Redford Township, MI but currently lives in Hawaii.  A Wings car
decal, hat, shirt, Hockeytown license plate and even a Red Wings tattoo....Jeff certainly hasn't
lost his Detroit pride while being away.

You can easily guess who Greg Filip's favorite player is.  Greg is from Utica, MI and is
pictured in Seoul, South Korea.

Andy Roberts sent us a great story about this bar owner from British Columbia who took over
"The Keg" in Central, Hong Kong.  It's the best place to watch playoff hockey in China, so Andy
gave the owner a jersey of his favorite NHL player, Chris Osgood!  If you're in Hong Kong
please stop by and say hello, and get us the owner's name to post up here.

Red Wings Kids Club Member Evan Daldin was recently on vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Whether he was hanging out on the roof of a castle or learning to play the bagpipes, Evan was
looking smooth in his shades and Holmstrom jersey. 

Doug, David and Heather Toth of Longmont, CO cheer on the Wings during their game
against the Avalanche at the Pepsi Center in Denver. 

Scott Sabin from Germantown Hills, IL is touring a Chinese high school in Xining, China while
sporting his Red Wings hat. There's no doubt that the banner in the background says, "Let's
Go Red Wings!"

Jim and Rosie from Vancouver spent their honeymoon like any hockey fan should....near ice!
Here they are pictured with the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska.

Morgan Pollard from Ontonagon, MI shares her Red Wings pride with Toledo, Spain. ¡OLÉ!

Al Sabin from Peoria, IL is with his daughter Linda in Huang Shan, China.  Al lived there for
3 years on business and hardly ever missed a TIVO'd Red Wings game.  That's dedication.

Matt Owens from Mount Pleasant, MI and friends are ready to take on any Avalanche fans who
dare attack their house in Snowmass Village, Colorado.

Marcus Baker from Frankenmuth, MI you've just won the Stanley Cup, what will you do next?
"I'm going to Disney World!"

Jan and Sabrina Bensel from Bardowick, Germany ran into some Romans who are huge
Wings fans while touring the Colosseum.

William "Bucky" Clarke from Newfoundland took time for a picture at the Seaport off Trelloborg
in a country known quite well to the Red Wings - Sweden.

Andrew Byrne from Flowery Branch, Georgia spends vacation with his family in New York City
on the Bow Bridge in Central Park.

In front of the Scorpion's Temple in Cancun, Shannon Snyder from Talbotton, GA proves
that Red Wings fans have no fear.

Scotty and Mandi climbed to the top of MT. Monadnock in New Hampshire to scream
from the top of the world that  " THE RED WINGS ARE #1!"

Albert Yuu is cheering on his team from BP's Sports Bar in Edmonton as the Wings beat
the Oilers in an 8-3 regular season game on February 7, 2009.

Jason Yarmey from Winnipeg recently traveled to Rome and toured the Colosseum.
See if you can pick Jason out in the picture below.

Jason is with his buddies Neil Fulton and Ryan Hendry also from Winnipeg at Game 6 of
the 2009 Stanley Cup Final outside Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh.  Yes, Jason is in fact a
"face painter."  You've got to love Hockeytown fans.

Three cheers for Kyland Farmer, James Mathews, Jody Van Orden, Lisa Van Orden,
Casey Hollenbeck and Jeremy Loon who all wore their Sunday best to Jessica Martin's
wedding in Denver, CO.

Matthew Schwalm and Rachel Waterhouse Schwalm of Dubuque, Iowa, pose in front of the
"Field of Dreams" movie site in Dyersville, Iowa. If you build it the Red Wings' fans will come!

Rosemary Nicholson from Allen Park, Michigan, is the best dressed patron inside the
Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas.

Kevin and Gaby Daniels from Anaheim Hills, California, spend a day of their vacation in
Cancun, Mexico visiting the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Chichen Itza.

Kevin and Gaby also cheered on the Red Wings in front of the Akaka Falls on the
Big Island of Hawaii.

Michelle Carroll from Howell, Michigan, is with her friends from Burbank, California at
Game 4 of the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs to cheer on the Wings as they take on the Ducks.

Nase and Lucy from Plymouth, MI take time for a photo in Tokyo, Japan.

The Red Wings truly do have fans all over the world, including Alex and his son Kirill from
Moscow, Russia.
Robert Barney from Highland, Michigan, is 3,500 feet down in the Grand Canyon next to the Colorado River supporting his team.
Samantha Middleton of Alger, Michigan, is on Montjuic Hill in Barcelona, Spain, host of the 1992 Summer Olympics.




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