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1st 01:48DETHitDarren Helm hit Greg Zanon
1st 02:19DETHitBrad Stuart hit Robbie Earl
1st 04:15DETShotDerek Meech Snap Shot
1st 04:19MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Brad Stuart
1st 04:25MINHitGreg Zanon hit Drew Miller
1st 04:52DETHitDarren Helm hit Shane Hnidy
1st 04:59MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Wrist Shot
1st 05:01MINShotBrent Burns Slap Shot
1st 05:26DETPenaltyVille Leino Interference against James Sheppard
1st 05:56DETHitBrad Stuart hit Andrew Brunette
1st 06:00MINShotAndrew Brunette Wrist Shot
1st 06:07DETShotNicklas Lidstrom Slap Shot
1st 06:30DETShotDarren Helm Wrist Shot
1st 06:36DETShotPatrick Eaves Backhand
1st 07:37DETHitJonathan Ericsson hit Cal Clutterbuck
1st 07:39MINShotMarek Zidlicky Wrist Shot
1st 07:52DETGoalTodd Bertuzzi (14) Wrist Shot, assists: Pavel Datsyuk (26)
1st 10:35MINHitEric Belanger hit Patrick Eaves
1st 10:36DETShotBrian Rafalski Slap Shot
1st 10:54MINHitBrent Burns hit Ville Leino
1st 11:31DETHitJustin Abdelkader hit Kim Johnsson
1st 11:59DETShotTodd Bertuzzi Wrist Shot
1st 13:26MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Drew Miller
1st 14:01DETPenaltyDaniel Cleary Hi-sticking against Cal Clutterbuck
1st 14:01MINPenaltyCal Clutterbuck Hi-sticking against Daniel Cleary
1st 15:03MINHitMarek Zidlicky hit Todd Bertuzzi
1st 15:15DETShotVille Leino Wrist Shot
1st 15:24DETShotVille Leino Tip-In
1st 16:28DETShotBrett Lebda Wrist Shot
1st 17:30DETHitBrad Stuart hit Kyle Brodziak
1st 18:32DETShotValtteri Filppula Backhand
1st 18:41DETHitDaniel Cleary hit Nick Schultz
1st 19:01MINHitKim Johnsson hit Drew Miller
2nd 01:11MINShotKyle Brodziak Backhand
2nd 01:35DETHitDaniel Cleary hit Nick Schultz
2nd 01:40MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Wrist Shot
2nd 02:54MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Brad Stuart
2nd 03:15MINShotCal Clutterbuck Snap Shot
2nd 03:22MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Ville Leino
2nd 03:58DETHitJustin Abdelkader hit Robbie Earl
2nd 04:11MINHitJames Sheppard hit Brian Rafalski
2nd 04:58DETShotValtteri Filppula Backhand
2nd 05:26MINHitGuillaume Latendresse hit Brett Lebda
2nd 06:26MINShotMarek Zidlicky Slap Shot
2nd 06:29MINShotCal Clutterbuck Wrist Shot
2nd 07:00DETHitDerek Meech hit Owen Nolan
2nd 07:16MINHitJames Sheppard hit Derek Meech
2nd 07:23MINHitRobbie Earl hit Brad Stuart
2nd 08:28DETShotTodd Bertuzzi Tip-In
2nd 09:00MINHitMarek Zidlicky hit Valtteri Filppula
2nd 09:47DETShotPatrick Eaves Wrist Shot
2nd 10:11MINHitGuillaume Latendresse hit Brad Stuart
2nd 10:18DETShotJustin Abdelkader Wrist Shot
2nd 10:33DETShotKirk Maltby Wrist Shot
2nd 12:31MINShotShane Hnidy Slap Shot
2nd 12:34MINGoalRobbie Earl (4) Wrist Shot, assists: Shane Hnidy (7)
2nd 12:55DETHitKris Draper hit Greg Zanon
2nd 13:08DETShotBrian Rafalski Wrist Shot
2nd 13:14MINHitGreg Zanon hit Darren Helm
2nd 14:09MINShotKyle Brodziak Wrist Shot
2nd 14:38MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Slap Shot
2nd 15:58MINPenaltyBrent Burns Holding against Justin Abdelkader
2nd 18:24DETShotPatrick Eaves Snap Shot
2nd 18:48MINHitBrent Burns hit Jonathan Ericsson
2nd 19:07MINShotKim Johnsson Wrist Shot
2nd 19:14MINShotNick Schultz Slap Shot
2nd 19:20MINShotAntti Miettinen Snap Shot
3rd 00:21DETHitBrian Rafalski hit Andrew Brunette
3rd 00:58DETHitDrew Miller hit Kim Johnsson
3rd 01:16DETShotBrett Lebda Slap Shot
3rd 02:00MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Brad Stuart
3rd 02:24DETShotDarren Helm Wrist Shot
3rd 02:26DETShotDarren Helm Slap Shot
3rd 02:28DETGoalPatrick Eaves (7) Wrist Shot, assists: Darren Helm (8), Derek Meech (2)
3rd 03:14DETHitKirk Maltby hit Andrew Ebbett
3rd 03:44MINPenaltyAntti Miettinen Slashing against Henrik Zetterberg
3rd 04:11DETShotHenrik Zetterberg Slap Shot
3rd 04:20DETShotBrian Rafalski Slap Shot
3rd 06:17MINHitAndrew Ebbett hit Kris Draper
3rd 07:02DETHitDrew Miller hit Andrew Brunette
3rd 08:39DETHitPavel Datsyuk hit Marek Zidlicky
3rd 09:03DETGoalDrew Miller (6) Tip-In, assists: Derek Meech (3), Daniel Cleary (10)
3rd 09:25MINHitRobbie Earl hit Brad Stuart
3rd 09:46DETShotDerek Meech Slap Shot
3rd 09:51DETShotVille Leino Backhand
3rd 09:55DETHitJustin Abdelkader hit James Sheppard
3rd 10:29MINHitGuillaume Latendresse hit Patrick Eaves
3rd 11:11MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Brian Rafalski
3rd 11:42MINShotOwen Nolan Wrist Shot
3rd 11:46DETHitDerek Meech hit Cal Clutterbuck
3rd 13:01MINShotKyle Brodziak Wrist Shot
3rd 13:42MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Wrap-around
3rd 13:46MINShotNick Schultz Slap Shot
3rd 13:48MINGoalMartin Havlat (9) Wrist Shot, assists: Kyle Brodziak (16), Nick Schultz (13)
3rd 14:27DETHitDaniel Cleary hit Cal Clutterbuck
3rd 14:48MINGoalAndrew Brunette (14) Slap Shot, assists: Shane Hnidy (8)
3rd 16:01MINHitNick Schultz hit Darren Helm
3rd 16:25DETShotPatrick Eaves Snap Shot
3rd 16:36DETHitJonathan Ericsson hit Cal Clutterbuck
3rd 17:00MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Valtteri Filppula
3rd 17:16MINHitAntti Miettinen hit Pavel Datsyuk
3rd 18:11DETHitBrad Stuart hit Eric Belanger
3rd 18:21MINHitCal Clutterbuck hit Patrick Eaves
OT 00:15MINHitEric Belanger hit Brian Rafalski
OT 01:24MINShotKyle Brodziak Wrist Shot
OT 01:30MINShotGuillaume Latendresse Wrist Shot
OT 01:54MINShotKim Johnsson Snap Shot
OT 02:18MINShotOwen Nolan Wrap-around
OT 02:31MINShotEric Belanger Wrist Shot
OT 02:46DETShotHenrik Zetterberg Snap Shot
OT 03:22MINShotNick Schultz Wrist Shot
OT 03:49MINShotMarek Zidlicky Wrist Shot
OT 04:12MINShotOwen Nolan Wrist Shot
OT 04:58DETHitHenrik Zetterberg hit Marek Zidlicky
ShootoutMINShotMikko Koivu Wrist Shot
ShootoutDETGoalPavel Datsyuk - Backhand
ShootoutDETShotHenrik Zetterberg Wrist Shot
ShootoutMINGoalOwen Nolan - Backhand
ShootoutDETShotTodd Bertuzzi Backhand
ShootoutMINShotMartin Havlat Backhand
ShootoutMINShotBrent Burns Backhand
ShootoutDETShotDaniel Cleary Wrist Shot
ShootoutMINGoalMarek Zidlicky - Wrist Shot
ShootoutDETGoalValtteri Filppula - Wrist Shot
ShootoutMINShotEric Belanger Wrist Shot
ShootoutDETGoalDrew Miller - Wrist Shot
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5N. LidstromD0001028:07
8J. AbdelkaderL000107:47
11D. ClearyR0100017:22
13P. DatsyukC0100022:16
14D. MeechD0212018:15
17P. EavesR1005014:10
18K. MaltbyL000107:45
20D. MillerL1001014:52
21V. LeinoL0003210:44
22B. LebdaD00-12016:20
23B. StuartD0010022:34
28B. RafalskiD0003029:16
33K. DraperC0000013:21
40H. ZetterbergL0002022:42
43D. HelmC0103014:22
44T. BertuzziR1003023:16
51V. FilppulaC0002019:23
52J. EricssonD00-10015:28
35J. Howard2730.90065:00
3M. ZidlickyD00-13026:06
5K. JohnssonD0012027:19
6G. ZanonD00-20025:27
8B. BurnsD0000213:36
9M. KoivuC0000021:56
11O. NolanR00-13016:52
14M. HavlatL1001019:54
15A. BrunetteL1002014:48
16A. EbbettC001008:00
20A. MiettinenR0002217:54
21K. BrodziakC0104018:39
22C. ClutterbuckR00-12215:37
25E. BelangerC00-11017:34
34S. HnidyD0211010:46
38R. EarlL101106:56
48G. LatendresseL0005018:50
51J. SheppardC001007:33
55N. SchultzD0113026:13
32N. Backstrom1618.88945:00
37J. Harding1011.90920:00
scoring summary
1st Period
07:52DET Todd Bertuzzi (14) ASST: Pavel Datsyuk (26) 1 - 0 DET
2nd Period
12:34MIN Robbie Earl (4) ASST: Shane Hnidy (8) 1 - 1 Tie
3rd Period
02:28DET Patrick Eaves (7) ASST: Darren Helm (7), Derek Meech (2) 2 - 1 DET
09:03DET Drew Miller (6) ASST: Derek Meech (3), Daniel Cleary (11) 3 - 1 DET
13:48MIN Martin Havlat (9) ASST: Kyle Brodziak (15), Nick Schultz (13) 3 - 2 DET
14:48MIN Andrew Brunette (14) ASST: Shane Hnidy (9) 3 - 3 Tie
OT Period
1MINMikko Koivu - Save
2DETPavel Datsyuk - Goal
3MINGuillaume Latendresse - Missed
4DETHenrik Zetterberg - Save
5MINOwen Nolan - Goal
6DETTodd Bertuzzi - Save
7MINMartin Havlat - Save
8DETVille Leino - Missed
9MINBrent Burns - Save
10DETDaniel Cleary - Save
11MINAntti Miettinen - Missed
12DETPatrick Eaves - Missed
13MINMarek Zidlicky - Goal
14DETValtteri Filppula - Goal
15MINEric Belanger - Save
16DETDrew Miller - Goal
penalty summary
1st Period
05:26DET Ville Leino  Interference against  James Sheppard
14:01MIN Cal Clutterbuck  Hi-sticking against  Daniel Cleary
2nd Period
15:58MIN Brent Burns  Holding against  Justin Abdelkader
3rd Period
03:44MIN Antti Miettinen  Slashing against  Henrik Zetterberg
OT Period
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/30/1
Faceoff Wins1531
Blocked Shots1213
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